About the Company

The Octupus (okt-o-pus) has two eyes and four pairs of arms, similar to what your Hotel or Business will have when utilizing The Konnector.

Who better to have in your corner than one of the most intelligent animals in the Ocean?

Octopuses are experts at Observational Learning much like The Konnector.

By amplifying your outreach to effectively engage with your Consumers, The Konnector introduces the power to react and respond Real-Time alongside powerful Social Intelligence.

The Konnector, like any Octopus, lives deep in the Ocean among the World’s Internet cables where it combines the power of Social Intelligence with Anticipatory Marketing to drive revenues and increase bookings for your Hotel or Business.

Kaptivating’s proprietary innovation, The Konnector monitors, analyzes and engages on Social Platforms to leverage the vast amounts of valuable data in Real-Time for your Hotel or Business.

Kaptivating provides Social Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry to capture Data, increase bookings, monitor and measure success.

The Konnetor is designed to optimize performance for your Hotel or Business with Social Intelligence, Anticipatory Marketing and Data & Analysis.

If you’d like more information about Kaptivating, please contact us by email at mpalmer@kaptivating.com or call +1.818 301 0524.